The touch of technology

A young reality of our Veneto region entrepreneurship, the company operates in the finishing of accessories and costume jewellery, always ready to meet the real needs of the market with important references from several years. Research and technology are two elements that reflect the exclusivity of the projects and the production flexibility.


I am tomorrow, or some future day,
what I establish today. James Joyce


    Choosing Metouch means choosing specialised finishing processes, to obtain product of a high quality standard. We like to work on new projects, because they represent a challenge that helps us improve and demonstrate our potential.


    Respecting the client with values that set us apart, trust, on-time deliveries, reliability and effective solutions: a partner with whom to work with trust and enthusiasm.


    The Metouch Research Centre (Centro Ricerca Metouch) is focused on alternative processes, on differentiation and on proposing ideas that are more and more innovative for the business of the Client, as well as on guaranteeing solutions always in line with the requests received.


    Metouch pays the utmost attention to materials and the reduction of environmental pollution during the production stages, ensuring compliance with Italian and European regulations.